F396 Goldhofer

The F396 tow tractor is our “heavyweight” ” among the tow tractors. With a combination of four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer, it is ideal for handling all types of wide-body aircraft. The powerful powertrain ensures permanent and consistent performance. That is the key to safe and effortless working on the apron.

D 1000 Bison Goldhofer

The »BISON« D 1000 is an unstoppable powerhouse and easily tows aircrafts of up to 400 t (880,000 lbs) MTOW like the Boeing 747-400 or Airbus A340-600. Well thought out details and components from brand-name manufacturers increase longevity and reduce maintenance effort and costs.

D 620 Bison Goldhofer

Also with regard to its robustness, the »BISON« stands out from the crowd and provides you with a future-proof and innovative vehicle that is simple to operate. Never accept compromises regarding durability and TCO! The »BISON« D 620 is ideally suited to tow aircrafts with a MTOW of up to 200 t (440,000 lbs) like the Boeing 767.

E 370 Bison Goldhofer

The »BISON« E with Goldhofer’s innovative »IonMaster« technology is a tireless workhorse and delivers the same performance just like its diesel-powered counterparts – but without any emissions! With its modular battery concept, you are able to decide for yourself whether you need a vehicle for short pushback applications which is to be recharged frequently, or whether you want to use an endurance runner that gets a break much less frequently.

D 370 Bison Goldhofer

No matter if the wheather is hot and dusty, rainy and cold or windy at temperatures below zero degrees: the »BISON« flexibly adapts to any weather. Equipped with an automatic full-power-shift transmission, even the smallest »BISON« D 370 offers highest performance for handling aircrafts up to a MTOW of 100 t (220,000 lbs) like the Airbus A321 or Boeing 737.

F59 Goldhofer

Already the smallest conventional aircraft tow tractor from Goldhofer, the F59, has a powerful four-wheel drive. It thus offers reliable towing for civil and military aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 70 tons. In addition the F59 can optional be equipped with a lifting cabin, diverse engine options (jet fuel capable or tier V) as well as various tow hitches.