Cargo Tractors

Sherpa E Goldhofer

This fully electric cargo and baggage tow tractor utilizes the unique Goldhofer “IonMaster” technology and combines the same high levels of comfort, safety and flexibility as our »SHERPA« D models. The highly efficient, maintenance-free 400 V lithium-ion battery ensures extremely short charging times due to its quick charging function, enables intermediate charging and is over 30% more efficient than a lead-acid battery.

Sherpa D Goldhofer

Compact dimensions, maximum maneuverability, highest traction and a powerful drivetrain are the main features of the modular cargo and baggage tow tractor family »SHERPA«. Customize your own cargo and baggage tow tractor fleet: With weights from 4 t to 8 t, three diesel engine options and three different cabin versions, the »SHERPA« D is a strong and reliable partner for your daily work.