Dekal Loadbanks

Dekal Loadbanks

DEKAL specialises in developing and manufacturing test equipment for ground power units. The company’s product range includes 400Hz and 28.5VDC resistive load banks, power analysers and accessories.

We produce specifically designed rugged portable test equipment for use on civil and military aircraft ground power units. It is designed to be compatible with both workshop and airside operation.

DEKAL equipment is simple to operate and suitable for non-trained personnel, and is supplied with durable containers for storage and easy transportation. We place special emphasis on speedy and dependable delivery, guaranteeing clients a minimum stock at any given time for each load bank type in case of emergency.

Dekal is proud to be the preferred load bank supplier approved by major airlines, ground handlers and ground power unit (GPU) manufacturers worldwide.

Power load banks for airline ground power units

DEKAL LOAD BANKS are the quality choice when it comes to ensuring a proper energy supply from GPUs to aircraft units.

They are used to simulate the aircraft connected to the power unit. Simulation is often needed to carry out adjustments and test activities on the GPU under different electric loads, both as a part of preventive maintenance work and following service repairs.

Our load banks also facilitate the possibility of running the GPU at full-load for an extended time period, thus decarbonising the diesel engine. This routine maintenance operation is required to preserve and prolong the engine’s original performance level.