Aircraft Tractors and Aircraft Recovery Systems

Goldhofer and Schopf specialise in Aircraft Tractors and Aircraft Recovery Systems.

What originally started as a forge in 1705 is now a global company with outstanding experience and powers of innovation. We work every day to develop extremely robust and intelligent solutions for on- and off-road heavy-duty and oversized cargo haulage and airport operations. We also have an impressive international reputation for effective solutions in the challenging field of multi-modal transportation. Our uncompromising commitment to practical vehicle design is combined with the highest standards of production and customer-oriented sales and service. The result are vehicles that are finely tuned for your purpose. Production based on the highest technological standards for extremely economical and highly reliable operation.

No matter how long and heavy the load or how complicated the job, we keep things moving.

For generations, the Goldhofer and Schopf brands have maintained their standing as quality leaders in the face of global competition. Our driving force is to consolidate this position at a time of global economic challenges and our overriding objective to guarantee a strong future for the company and our employees.

Today, in plants occupying over 100,000 square meters of grounds in Memmingen and Ostfildern, more than 700 employees produce vehicles for payloads ranging between 20 and over 10,000 tons. By 2014 we had delivered more than 35,000 vehicles to over 160 countries. We are top performers and global operators. Together we are strong and have a powerful history. We are Goldhofer and Schopf – The Original.

Aircraft Tow Tractors

We supply aircraft tow tractors to suit airport environments anywhere in the world. Our tractors are doing a great job everywhere – including in hot climates, at high altitudes and in freezing temperatures.

Our tractors are designed with extreme weather and operating conditions in mind. From our baby F59 to our heavyweight F396, Schopf aircraft tow tractors support military and civil aviation all around the globe.


  • Safe and reliable
  • Lowest operating costs on the market
  • Highest resale value
  • Continuous series production for maximum reliability and availability
  • Excellent accessibility of all components for easy maintenance
  • Permanent 4-wheel drive for perfect traction
  • Exchangeable ballast weights for outstanding flexibility
  • Cabin with all-round vision for safe working

Towbarless Aircraft Tractors

Continuous airport growth, high daily air-traffic volumes and increasing aircraft type variation are a constant challenge for logistics operations at today’s airports.

Goldhofer’s towbarless aircraft tractors are a big help – with safe, economical and particularly fast and flexible movement of the aircraft on the ground.


  • Safe and reliable
  • Made in Germany
  • Reputable brand components for the highest in-service rate
  • High aircraft compatibility, maximum flexibility
  • For all apron work (from push-back to high-speed towing)
  • Fewer tow tractors for handling more types of aircraft
  • High resale value; low operating, maintenance and process costs
  • Unique hydrostatic drive for moving aircraft on the ground at up to 32 km/h – without compromising safety
  • Ergonomic driver’s cab with 180° pivoting seat for best possible view
  • Nose gear engaged and raised by the maintenance-free pickup system in record time

Air Cargo Solutions

Our name is synonymous with leading technology made in Germany. Whatever your choice – Hybrid, PowerHybrid or Diesel – with Schopf transporters and tractors, you can be sure of having the most suitable and economical solution for almost every situation.

Customers from all over Europe place their trust in our products with their outstanding reputation for quality and reliability combined with low operating costs. When are you going to join them?


  • Safe and reliable
  • Best performance of all hybrids at maximum speed
  • Kessler drive axle for outstanding reliability
  • World market leader with over 800 tractors sold
  • Disk brakes on front and rear axles for maximum braking power
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Spacious and highly ergonomic cab
  • Harmonized design of the complete train
  • Low COG and 1,600mm width for max. tilt angle

Aircraft Recovery Transport System

Every second counts: In an airport emergency there is no room for mistakes. For such eventualities, Goldhofer – in close collaboration with international recovery specialists – has developed ARTS (Aircraft Recovery Transport System) and in the process become the global technology leader in this market segment.

The rugged ARTS systems combine quality engineering with efficiency and flexibility. In an emergency, you can rely on a high-grade system tailored to your individual requirements.


  • Safe and reliable
  • Transportation of individual modules in a B747 cargo aircraft
  • Easy and safe handling
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Rapid deployment, runways quickly cleared
  • Towing by truck or aircraft tow tractor
  • Compatible with self-propelled heavy-duty modular transporters
  • Wide range of combinations available
  • For all aircraft up to the A380