GSE for Sale

Used Pushback Goldhofer Schopf F110 2018

Used Pushback Goldhofer Schopf F110 2018 for immediate sale.

Used Pushback Goldhofer Bison D370 2018

Used Pushback Goldhofer Bison D370 2018 for immediate sale.

ASU Guinault GS280 2020

ASU Guinault GS280 2020 for immediate sale.

GSE for Sale

We are heavily involved in the aviation industry and are the UK leaders for GSE for sale and have a wide range of ground support equipment.

Be it bespoke Terberg YT tractors built especially for the airport environment, Aircraft Pushbacks from globally renowned suppliers such as Schopf / Goldhofer or Vestergaard Aircraft De-icing Equipment and Ground Power and Air-conditioning Units from Guinault and Lebrun.

We know how keeping aircraft moving is of paramount importance. That’s why we work closely with our customers to find immediate solutions. Stock availability means Terberg DTS can react quickly to your operational needs and usually have new, replacement or hire units at your location within 24 hours.

Terberg DTS are able to offer flexible financial solutions as well as long and short term hire contracts with optional built in preventative maintenance, service and global 24 hour support.