De-Icing Equipment

Elephant® MY Vestergaard

The design of the Elephant® MY is based on Vestergaard Company experience and technology proven reliable over the years. The Elephant® MY is built on a standard truck chassis and can be equipped with a vast array of options to increase its efficiencies while still keeping it simple.

Elephant® BETA-15 Vestergaard

The Elephant® BETA-15 is the highest reaching, truly mobile standard aircraft deicer, requiring no external stabilization for any operational mode. It has all of the excellent characteristics of the regular Elephant® BETA deicer providing firm stability, unsurpassed manpower efficiency, fluid saving capability and minimum overall operational cost.

The Elephant® BETA Vestergaard

The Elephant® BETA provides customers all over the world with highly efficient, reliable and safe deicing. The extended telescope reduces application time and minimizes movement around the aircraft. The longer telescope also reduces glycol usage.

The Elephant® MY Lite Vestergaard

The Elephant® MY Lite is a simplified, off the shelf version of the traditional full version Elephant® MY. The aim with the MY Lite is to make quality deicers available at lower cost. By removing all frills and creating a simplified version of the traditional MY we can offer most of the same benefits with the less costly MY Lite.

Elephant® SIGMA Vestergaard

Based on the well-established technical base of the Elephant® family of aircraft deicers, the Vestergaard Elephant® SIGMA is introduced especially for servicing small to medium-size aircraft. It may serve as a supplement to add flexibility to existing deicing operations or as the back-bone deicer for airport operations, frequented by aircraft types of up to – and including – Boeing 757/767.